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Cocaine Mustache is a sweet, endearing comic about a child and his dad. Actually no. Just keeping it real with crazy things that some people do. I do not condone drug use or drug abuse. Since this kind of thing runs in my family, I consider myself fortunate to have never picked up the habit. But drug abuse is a serious topic that affects everybody. Seriously I know a lot of people who have died from drug abuse so don't do it, kids! Here at 'how to suck at life' comics, we don't want to turn our backs to the insane dark corners of the world. Oh no. We look at bad stuff like drug abuse in the face and laugh. Ha ha ha. I laugh at you, drugs! I will not succumb to your addictive ways. Instead, I choose to do more imporant things with my time. Like Karaoke. Or porn. Did I say porn? I meant popcorn. Or writing silly comics and posting them on the internet. Keep it real, folks! Never let the man get you down.

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