Hello Future Me
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Okay I thought of this comic a few weeks ago and it's been stuck in my mind ever since. I think my brain was trying to tell me something about the nature of 'how to suck at life'. Actually, I've been trying to pinpoint exactly what how to suck at life (this comic strip) wants to be. I've been wildly experimental up to now. But I think I made a breakthrough. It occurs to me now that the theme of this webcomic should be something like a comedy of failure. So from now on, I'll try to do things more in this vein. HTSAL is / will be a fail comic. Like Cheezeburger has hilarious fail memes. And Fail Army has hilarious youtube videos showing people failing at things. So this is actually the webcomic version of something like that. I'm really excited about this. Now that I have figured this out, I realize that today's comic, hello future me, is actually a quintissential fail. Just to clarify, I'm not going to go back and delete any old comics from howtosuckatlife.com at this time. But how to suck at life will be changing -- over time -- to be more like the theme I have finally identified :) It takes me a while sometimes to figure out the obvious. But anyway, that's ok. As long as I have it finally understood. At least I understand it a bit better. Anyway, I started making some youtube videos recently. And those should fit the fail format nicely. But I'm also doing another channel where I'm going to just play games. I've noticed that making youtube videos for playing games is soooo much easier compared to making a comic. It took me like three hours to do hello future me. Which is a long time. At it was fun, believe me. But to make a youtube video is just real-time. Just press record and it takes 5 minutes to make a 5 minute video. Crazy! So easy. For me to make a comic that people will read in 15 seconds, it takes 3 full hours. So there's a lesson there ;) Anyway, I'm still having fun making how to suck at life comics, so I'm not planning to quit any time soon. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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