How To Suck At Bank Robbery Getaways
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How To Suck At Bank Robbery Getaways. Apparently this is a true story and the bank robbery was successful. Up until they started sharing their pics on instagram. I guess any idiot can rob a bank and getaway successfully. I would think that would be difficult to pull off. No? But apparently they used up all their brainpower to do it, because you don't have to be very smart to know it's a bad idea to post selfies to your profile with the stolen cash. Check it out! I'll just text this photo to my buddy Jim the police officer. This will be awesome! Hopefully they had a good time robbing that bank, because they'll be doing time for years to come. If you're just looking for a thrill, it would be safer to play a bank robbery video game. GTA 5 comes to mind. I realize now that I've not played GTA 5, so maybe I should stop writing this comic and get to it. There are virtual banks to be robbed! (and from what I'm told, much much worse)... Happy Sunday :)

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