Math Trouble
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Sums of Anarchy. Why? Why have you done this? I don't know!!! I just really enjoy puns?? OR maybe because I grew up in the South where there were real life Hell's Angels. As a kid, my mom was friends with a Hell's Angel, so I have memories of drug-infused weekends among their tribe. I remember they lived in a big house. And there were tons of bikers outside. Lots of people doing drugs. It all seemed very white-trashy. Even as a little kid, I could tell these were people I wouldn't choose to spend a lot of time with as an adult. They drank the Kool-Aid. They obviously loved their lifestyle. I'm just a smidge too conservative for that type of outlaw mentality and fashion sense. Plus I've always hated smoking and they were all smokers. Anyway the tv show 'Sons of Anarchy' doesn't really match my experience. Somehow it didn't quite ring true. For some reason, I do enjoy making very silly puns. This comic got some of the best responses at WonderCon this year. If you feel the need for further pun-ishment, please share on facebook. Because, oh yes. Believe me. There are more puns where that came from.

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