Bearly Star Wars
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Bearly Star Wars aka 'May The Force Bear With You'. Yay! It's Star Wars day!!! May the fourth needs some Star Wars drawings. But why bears? This is going to sound totally random. But actually, a couple days ago I was doing an exercise based on James Altucher. He writes business books. He says every day he wakes up and does 10 ideas for somebody else's business and then sends the ideas to them for free. They can use them or not. But this is helpful to him, because it helps him come up with ideas. Also the people he sends ideas to will sometimes get back to him and say hey let's partner up on this idea you had. So I decided to do that the other day. I sent some ideas to somebody about their business, which involves a lot of bear characters. I was sketching out ideas and I came up with some Star Wars bears. That doesn't really fit into his business, so I thought hey it would be fun to draw those characters as a comic. So there ya go! Han and Chewie in the style of teddy bears. I always loved Star Wars as a kid. I feel that some of the movies after the first two (episodes 4 & 5) were missing something. Yes, as a young kid I saw Revenge of the, I mean Return of the Jedi and the magic was gone for me. It was pretty sad. I wanted to love that movie. But I think the Ewoks ruined it. Although the Ewoks are actually some pretty cute little characters. Anyway if you want me to draw more of these Star Wars bears, leave no comments on this page. That way I'll know that you DO want a lot more bears! :)

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