Hearthstone Mania
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Hearthstone Mania. Is the game Hearthstone causing kids to forget what a phone is? No, that's just a joke. What is Hearthstone anyway? For the uninitiated, Hearthstone is a card game you play on your phone. And it is addictive. It's like crack for kids. My son is always telling me the new Hearthstone release date in case I was planning to get him a special present for being such a good kid or something. He also informs me about other important facts that I would only need to know if I was Hearthstone user. Such as how to play Hearthstone. And what cool powers the cards have. Then he will show me some gameplay. I must say, the artwork on the cards is impressive! And I have played the game a few times, which was a gateway drug to some other online card games I found on Steam. We got into Infinity Wars for a while. While my son was at school, I was spending several hours per day on Infinity Wars instead of doing other things I was supposed to be doing. So I had to quit, cold turkey! Just kidding. I didn't get addicted. I mean, just kidding I never quit. haha. Do you really think I have any time to do anything else when publishing a daily webcomic? Nooooooo waaaay. But those games are tempting, and I could maybe convince myself it is research. Hmm... Anyway if your kid starts telling you, hey this character does x damage, and it also has this special power, etc, then you might be dealing with a Hearthstone addict. Best to get them outside and into fresh air immediately. Maybe go for a bike ride? Whatever you do, don't join your kid in playing Hearthstone. Unless you want to join the ranks of avid HS users. Oh crap, I'm using an acronym for HS now. It's the first stage of addiction. Run awayyyyy!

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