Pediatricians Are Stupid
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Pediatricians are stupid. Whoa. I seriously couldn't believe it when I noticed this. I was reading the Wall Street Journal this morning, and enjoying the nice article on the left about how to be more compassionate. It talks about a boyfriend learning how to show compassion for his girlfriend. They are in their early 20s and he's learning how to leave her compassionate little notes and to say things that make her feel comforted and loved. Then on the right, there's this quack pediatrician who is telling parents to let their babies cry all night long. wtf? Seriously? How can this doctor be so stupid? Apparently the Wall Street Journal didn't notice the irony of putting these two articles side by side. Or maybe some editor just wanted to show what a stupid pediatrician the guy is. Personally, I think this so-called doctor's advice is some of the worst advice you could ever give. What's the point of parenting? Because there is something magical when you become a parent. There are lessons to be learned. One of them is, don't listen to idiot pediatricians. Kidding aside. What is parenting really about? To me, parenting is a time to learn how to be more compassionate. Parents get to develop love for another person that is so strong. The parent learns how to love some little baby person even more than they love themselves. That's the opportunity here. So I ask you parents and parents-to-be to love your baby. And don't listen to any stupid jerk who tells you to let your baby cry itself to sleep. Fuck that doctor. When somebody has a baby, you become a new person. You're a parent now. Parents are actually learning during this time. Parents are learning to love unconditionally. Just focus on unconditional love and act accordingly. Love your baby. Show them you care for them so they won't be scared. Be there for your baby. And don't listen to any idiot who tells you otherwise. Don't fall for it! Seriously. Any jerk with a glorified piece of paper on the wall can say he's the authority. But the true beauty of life might be beyond his understanding. In other words, the joy of compassion is what you get to learn as a loving parent. My personal advice is to strive to show caring and unconditional love for your child, instead what this misguided doctor says.

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