Global Warming Isn't Real
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Seriously, global warming is alive and well in my neighborhood. I live in Southern California where it feels like Summer in February. Naturally, everybody's at the beach! Before she passed away last year, I often spoke with my grandma about global warming. She lived in the midwest and she had a great memory, so I believed it when she said that the weather has gotten much, much hotter over the years. Sadly the facts of global warming are still being debated in political circles, but I imagine this is simply to hold back new green policies for as long as possible, in order to protect businesses who benefit from old, outdated rules. Speaking of progress, I recently watched a documentary on Netflix about Dean Kamen, the creator of the Segway, who invented a water purifier that can purify any kind of sludge into pure drinking water on demand. He has installed these purifiers in villages all over the world, including many African villages. It needs no maintenance for 3 years and will purify some 500,000 gallons of water in that time. The Coca Cola company is actually helping him to distribute these purifiers, and as I've personally witnessed on my travels to some extremely remote locales, Coke can get their product to literally any part of the world. Amazing! I'm really glad this kind of thing is happening in my lifetime. For so many of the problems we face today, the technology is available: Pure water. Zero emission vehicles. Duct tape to cover the mouths of fools. Etc. Now we just need to distribute the technology and make it happen!

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